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Own videos of songs and tunes recorded at Oxford Galician session or related special events. Alphabetically by title (ignoring the definite articles, a and o). For professional musicians’ videos, audio recordings and sheet music check the pages songs list and tunes list.

Barciademera (November 2017)

Camariñas (May 2017, special session with Carlos Núñez)

Carmiña Carmela (Folk Weekend Oxford 2018)

Chamame (May 2017, special session with Carlos Núñez)

Fisterra (February 2018)

Maria (October 2017)

Mazurca dos Areeiras (May 2017, special session with Carlos Núñez)

A miña burriña (xmas session 2017)

Muiñeira de Chantada (September 2017)

Muiñeira do Molete (London session Nov 2017)

Pasodobre de Silván (September 2017)

Pasodobre de Sisamo  (Folk Weekend Oxford 2018)

Pingacho (April 2017)


Videos containing several songs / tunes, chronologically backwards:

Session and dancing at the Port Mahon (December 2018)

Two muiñeiras: Chantada, Ponte San Paio (Sept. 2018)




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