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some tunes we play regularly at the Galician sessions. Where the title is a link, it leads to an entry within this blog. Behind the titles, I’ll gradually add external links to dots and videos:

Ao tea roa G [video Luar na Lubre]

A bruxa Dminor [audio Anxo Lorenzo]

Danza de Arcos de Cariño C

Danza de Xigantes da Pobra do Caramiñal G

Golpe de Mondariz / Pasacorredoiras G

Jota de Mahia D

Mazurca dos areeiras G [video xurxogaita]

Mazurca (dos Campaneiros) D [video Os d’abaixo]

Muiñeira chantada C or D or A [video tutorial in D]

Muiñeira do Areal C

Muiñeira de Cervantes D

Muiñeira Freixido D [audio Trio Espiral]

Muiñeira da Ponte San Paio D minor [video tutorial]

Pasodoble Berbes G

Ponthus et Sidoine

O son do ar  E minor  [video Luar na Lubre]

Valse de Lalin C [dots]


In the spirit of international understanding that seems to be in dire need of support right now, we may also play tunes from other Celtic traditions or from other Iberian traditions (in the list above there were already a couple of non-Galician tunes, but the excuse was that they have been recorded by Galician artists).  So we might play, for example:

Basque tunes such as:

Gaztelugatxeko martxa  G [dots, video]

Breton tunes such as:

An Dro

Son Ar Chistr (Cider song)

Scottish tunes such as these from the repertoire of the Slow Session:

Bert Mackenzie’s 70th Birthday Waltz
Brenda Stubbert’s reel (really Nova Scotia but often appropriated by Scotland too)
Calliope House
Calum’s Road
Cavers of Kirkcudbright
Farewell to Nigg
Hut on Staffin Island
Ille Bhig
Jenny Dang the Weaver
Trip to Pakistan
250 to Vigo  (NB as the title suggests, this is a Scottish tune written in Galicia!)


Irish tunes such as these from the Slow Session repertoire:

Clare Reel
Do You Love an Apple?
Denis Murphy’s Polka
Drowsy Maggie
The Frost is All Over
Galtee Hunt
Hole in the Hedge
John Ryan’s Polka
Lucy Farr’s
The Night Poor Larry was Stretched
Paddy Fahy’s reel
Rights of Man
Rose in the Heather
Tell her I am
Tell her I will
Tommy People’s reel





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