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Tanxugueiras at Foliada en Carboeiro

January 30, 2018

To get into the mood for this week’s session (foliada), 24 hours away as I write this, have a look at these clips from the pandeireteiras group Tanxugeiras, extracted from the very lovely Alala special “Foliada en Carboeiro” which was broadcast in December.






both were released today, actually – I discovered them by sheer good luck as I was looking for something else and noticed the suspiciously large number next to the icon of the Alala channel. They released a whole bunch of clips from the show today.



Tanxugueiras: Xota de Bembibre

January 9, 2018

lovely video from the Tanxugueiras:




Tanxugueiras: Las panaderas

January 3, 2018

some table-thumping loveliness from the Tanxugueiras:


similar to what the Oxford Pandeireteiras are doing with Pingacho.

Tanxugueiras: Toutón

December 26, 2017

watching yesterday’s Alalá – TVG special I discovered Tanxugueiras and I think they’re freaking brilliant. I’ll just keep throwing their vids at you, maybe there’s something we can steal.