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Mira-me Miguel

June 1, 2018

Looking into versions of Mira-me Miguel, one of the songs in our repertoire, I discovered this one which features simultaneous playing of two recorders, much as in the banner picture at the top of this blog. I should try this some time …   But everything else about this video is lovely too, from the viola da gamba to the Portuguese singing (we sing a Galician version but this is actually a Portuguese song, from Miranda do Douro).




Lourenço: Tres moças cantavan d’amor

January 4, 2018

For a mediaeval karaoke night – this video includes the lyrics of the 13th century troubadour song.


the author, Lourenço  was Portuguese but is considered part of the Galician troubadour tradition.

His life is imagined in this recent historical novel (Manuel Portas, 2015):



Tanxugueiras: Las panaderas

January 3, 2018

some table-thumping loveliness from the Tanxugueiras:


similar to what the Oxford Pandeireteiras are doing with Pingacho.

Habelas Hainas: Media Calada

January 1, 2018

Interesting spin on one of our session’s old favourites, Carmiña Carmela. The title is from the original lyrics, but I’ll admit I got halfway in before I realised this.




This is an old video, but they also have a new album out called Livres e loucas.

Flashback 2 of 4

December 29, 2017

A Rianxeira …

last session of the year

December 27, 2017

don’t forget today is the last session of what has turned out to be an amazing year.

On the last remaining days I’ll post some of my videos of the absolutely magical special session we had with Carlos Núñez in May. Here’s the first, with Pablo singing Camariñas, which was before Carlos got involved in the proceedings (after that there will be four videos with Carlos playing various whistles):


Just to clarify, you don’t have to be an operatic tenor to sing at our sessions, but it was an interesting addition. We used to play Camariñas as an instrumental tune before that night, but have been singing it ever since.

PS watching the video again right now I notice that my flute is almost drowning out poor old Pablo. That’s of course due to the fact that I was standing just behind the camera. Placing the camera such that it records a reasonable sound mix is a challenge I still haven’t quite figured out yet.

Tanxugueiras: Toutón

December 26, 2017

watching yesterday’s Alalá – TVG special I discovered Tanxugueiras and I think they’re freaking brilliant. I’ll just keep throwing their vids at you, maybe there’s something we can steal.

Pasodoble de Beo

December 23, 2017

I like this song but I’m not generally keen on male voices, so I could imagine that in an Oxford Pandeireteiras  version – what do you think ?


A miña burriña

December 22, 2017

if you leave our sessions before 11:30, you may miss the best bits – this happened on Wednesday, after the xmas special session had finished with Fisterra, just before closing time:




Con un sombreiro de palla

December 15, 2017

a seasonal song for the special xmas session – tune and lyrics are here.