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Najla Shami

June 15, 2018

Palestinian-Galician singer Najla Shami is going to give a concert at Queens College Oxford on Thursday 21.6., tickets available from Eventbrite, and here’s here latest video, a song based on a poem from Rosalia de Castro:



Save the date

May 2, 2018

On May 30th, the Galician Session Oxford will celebrate its 6th birthday – see the poster for the first ever session below.

Mano counted 62 sessions until July last year, and this is the 11th on my watch, that makes 73 = 6 x 12 + 1, so it all adds up! (Maths freaks will also notice that after six years including one leap year, the last Wednesday falls on the same date this year.)

So do make sure you can come to this session, and let’s make it a special one! I have one veteran of the first session confirmed (Alice), can we find more?  Stay tuned for further announcements …

galician session 2012


Aí vén o Maio

April 30, 2018

Tomorrow bright and early (6:30 am or so) the Oxford Pandeireteiras will be singing a traditional Galician May song, Aí vén o Maio, on the steps of the Clarendon Building in Broad Street, with the Whirly Band. Here’s one of my photos from last year’s event:



oh, and a few other people will be out and about as well, doing various folk-y things …


April session(s)

April 18, 2018

The April edition of our Galician session / foliada is coming up next week, on Wed, 25.4., starting from 8:30pm, at the James Street Tavern as usual.

In the tenth session in the new sequence, we’ll again play lots of lovely tunes from our vast collection of Galician traditionals. The Oxford Pandeireteiras will play their tambourines and sing some of the songs they practise in their weekly classes. Sheet music will be provided for anybody who brings an instrument and wants to join in. Feel free to dance if you find space to move. A bag of miscellaneous percussion instruments is also on hand if you would like to rattle along with the rhythms.

Note that the Tavern has a 11:30 curfew for music activities, so the  session will close before that time with the traditional anthem of “Fisterra”. If you don’t have to leave earlier, it would be nice if you could stay for that.

For further info about the sessions and sharing audio and video recordings of the tunes we play, subscribe to this blog or join the Facebook group. There is also a mailing list for email reminders sent a week before the sessions.

Other events coming up:

This coming weekend, 20.-22.4 will of course see the amazing Folk Weekend Oxford, with lots of concerts, dance events and sessions. While there is no specifically Galician session in the programme, I can predict that some Galician tunes and songs will be played at the Open Session on Friday evening, 8pm till midnight, at the St. Aldates Tavern (first floor). Full programme for the weekend is here.

Then, on Tue 1.5. (May Morning) at some ridiculously early time like 6:30 am, the Oxford Pandeireteiras will be singing “O Maio” on the steps of the Clarendon Building, Broad Street, with the Whirly Band.


Illustration from the Cantigas de Santa Maria (wikimedia).


February 1, 2018

On Monday 12.2., from 19:00-21:00h there will be a Spoons workshop organised by and for the Oxford Pandeireteiras, but open to all.

The workshop is run by Jo May, who has also run similar events at the Folk Weekend Oxford. It will be at the East Oxford Community Centre (44 Princes Street, OX4 1DD, corner with Cowley Rd). Advance tickets (£10) available from EventBrite.

NB: The monthly French/Breton session will be happening the same evening at the James Street Tavern (starting 20:30h), just across the road , so if anybody wants to go for a beer after the workshop and/or wants to try out their new percussion skills that would be a good place to go. A few people you know from the Galician sessions will also be playing there …



January 23, 2018

look what an ancient fossil I found 🙂  I was looking at the blog of the Galician studies in Leipzig and they had this extinct Oxford blog in their blog roll. Looks like the spelling hadn’t quite settled back then – it should be pandeireteiras, which derives from pandeireta.

Galego en Oxford, Oxford en Galego

Nacen as Queen’s Pandereiteiras!!!!

A primeira banda de pandereteiras de Oxford xa ten caras, profe e pandeiretas!

Aquí as tedes:

Se vos apetece unirvos a este proxecto emocionante e ben divertido, só tedes que mandarnos un correo a:, polo momento só hai pandereteiras, pero precisamos algún home!!!

Seguiremos informando da súa evolución, roldas de prensa, actuacións e datas da xira internacional desde o Galician Centre Press Office.


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January session

January 23, 2018

The next Galician session will happen next week, on Wednesday January 31st, from 8.30 pm onwards, at the James Street Tavern, as usual. (NB this month has 5 Wednesdays, and the session is on the last.)

For the 7th session in the new sequence we will (again) have a few new tunes to mix in between the old favourites, and David Carril from London will join us again and play the gaita. There will also be singing and percussions from the Oxford Pandeireteiras, and there may even be a bit of floor space available for dancing. Sheet music will be provided for anybody who brings an instrument and wants to join in. (I have now prepared a few “starter packs” with ~15 tunes that we regularly play, so anybody starting new can ask me for that rather than for each tune separately.) A bag of miscellaneous percussion instruments is also available if you would like to rattle along with the rhythms.


(The picture is from the Cantigas de Santa Maria, via wikipedia:ía – can’t guarantee we will have precisely these instruments at the session, but it would be nice …)



January 19, 2018

I hear that a new language course in Galician is due to start soon, for the benefit of some of the husbands and boyfriends of the Oxford Pandeireteiras. So if anybody else out there would like to get to know this lovely language, get in touch with Laura at the Centre (Facebook: Galego en Oxford).

I took the course a couple of years ago and can recommend the experience 🙂  It is very easy to learn if you know Spanish or Portuguese.

Also, if you want to catch an impression of the language, there is a screening of a movie in Galician with English subtitles happening today at 5pm, see the previous blog entry for details.

00 lingua galega

I can’t for the life of me remember where I stole this lovely image but I trust that whoever created it will approve of the purpose I’m using it for.

Os fenómenos

January 12, 2018

The second screening in the series of Galician films organised by the Galician Studies Centre Oxford and the Galician Film Forum London is coming up next Friday:

‘Aces’, from Alfonso Zarauza, on the 19th January at 5pm. Main Hall, Taylor Institution Library. Screening in Galician with English subtitles.

Free tickets available from Eventbrite.

[GAL] Segunda proxección do Ciclo de Cinema Galego en Oxford, xunto co GFF-Galician Film Forum de Londres: “Os fenómenos”, de Alfonso Zarauza. Venres 19 de xaneiro ás 17h. Main Hall da Taylor Institution Library. Entradas de balde no Eventbrite.



Foliada Galega – poster

January 10, 2018

I’ve designed a new poster / leaflet to advertise the sessions. You may have seen a preliminary version which I have shown around, but here is now the definitive one for the new year, so please use this PDF file:


to spread the word (the JPG below is just a screenshot in low resolution). Graciñas.