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Ponthus et sidoine

December 1, 2017

I heard this tune on Son Galicia radio and was intrigued because I knew it as an old German song, so had to do some investigating.  Turns out that Carlos Núñez picked it up in Brittany, believing it to be Breton, but as so often, the real origins are lost in the mist of time …


The song version I knew is called Warum and sung by Triskilian, who give as the source the song book of the Duchess Sophie-Erdmuthe von Nassau-Saarbrücken from 1750. It is contained in this longer video at 22:18 mins (with luck the link should directly jump to that spot):


Faun use the same text with a somewhat tweaked melody under the title Vom Truge.  Although I don’t like this version quite as much, this title makes it easier to find the lyrics which are here.