Galician Session Oxford

In 2017, the founding genius and gaiteiro (bagpiper) Mano moved away from Oxford, _but_ the Galician session lives on.

We continued sessioning on the traditional last Wednesday of each month at the James Street Tavern until November 2018, and when this was closed for a refurbishment taking it to a more upmarket place, we found shelter at the Port Mahon. Now (October 2019), the Port also seems to have found more lucrative endeavours than folk sessions, so we were forced to change the place and date. We have now moved back to the Cowley Road, specifically to the Bullingdon Cocktail Bar, which has three advantages, namely lots of space for playing and dancing, staying open until 1 am, and a large glass front such that people on the Cowley Road can see there’s fun to be had and just wander in.

To make sure we can fill that space and time with lots of music and singing and dancing, I will emphasize a bit more what we’ve been doing anyway, namely the fact that we welcome music from other Celtic and from other Iberian traditions, essentially celebrating Galician folk as the crossroads between these two overlapping cultural worlds. We have already got Asturian and Portuguese songs, a Basque tune and a Scottish tune in our repertoire, and we have had amazing moments when participants shared other things with us including Welsh songs and Irish tunes.

So instead of just worshipping the ashes of the old JST Galician session, we’re lighting new fires with a focus on celtic connections – in a way it is now a Galician and Interceltic session.

Until the day when the Brexiteers round me up for deportation from whatever may be left over of the UK, I will be looking after the admin including email list, facebook presence, general publicity, and Mano’s tune collection, aka “the bible”. Any suggestions, queries, or if you would like to be removed from the mailing list, just drop me a mail.

The session now has a Facebook group which you can join, and where I will share other infos related to Galician folk as well, including audio tracks and video tutorials.  I will also create a new facebook event for each individual session around 2 weeks before the date and send invites to the members of the group.



This wordpress site will be the alternative web presence of the Galician Session outside facebook, for all who want to follow the session but hate facebook.


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