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Gaztelugatxeko martxa

December 1, 2018

Stephen played this lovely Basque tune at the last two Galician sessions, and I finally got round to looking it up, here is a version with Kepa Junkera (who wrote it) on button accordion and a full symphony orchestra (watch out for the txalaparta, eg at 2:37):


and here are the dots on Folktune Finder (they may not quite line up with the orchestral version, but FF will play the tune for you as well). Enjoy!

PS The back story: I first heard Stephen play this at the Early English session this summer, when Tim was away and we were playing “When the cat’s away” style non-English things all evening, from Finnish tangos to Galician tunes, via Breton and Basque ones.

PPS Think this may have been the first time I consulted the Basque version of Wikipedia – not knowing any of that language. It confirmed my suspicion that “martxa” means “march” (the musical and military term) and revealed that Gaztelugatxe is an island off the Basque coast, which according to the English wiki page has appeared in Game of Thrones.



Anxo Lorenzo: A bruxa

February 24, 2018

Session coming up on Wednesday! Here is a tune we play in every session, A bruxa, played by Anxo Lorenzo, who may be coming our way soon …









February 17, 2018

here’s a Galician fiddle tune for our fiddlers:


brincadeira in Galician and Portuguese means joke, banter, frolic etc.


Tanxugueiras at Foliada en Carboeiro

January 30, 2018

To get into the mood for this week’s session (foliada), 24 hours away as I write this, have a look at these clips from the pandeireteiras group Tanxugeiras, extracted from the very lovely Alala special “Foliada en Carboeiro” which was broadcast in December.






both were released today, actually – I discovered them by sheer good luck as I was looking for something else and noticed the suspiciously large number next to the icon of the Alala channel. They released a whole bunch of clips from the show today.


Efraím Díaz: Lela

January 2, 2018

I may be slightly obsessed with this tune (and song), and I may or may not end up sharing my cello cover one day (be afraid … ) but in the meantime here is Efraím Díaz who played it on his pito pastoril during his recent visit to London:


For the song complete with lyrics and soaking sadness see Maria do Ceo’s lovely version.

Flashback 3 of 4

December 30, 2017

Mazurca dos Areeiras


Ponthus et sidoine

December 1, 2017

I heard this tune on Son Galicia radio and was intrigued because I knew it as an old German song, so had to do some investigating.  Turns out that Carlos Núñez picked it up in Brittany, believing it to be Breton, but as so often, the real origins are lost in the mist of time …


The song version I knew is called Warum and sung by Triskilian, who give as the source the song book of the Duchess Sophie-Erdmuthe von Nassau-Saarbrücken from 1750. It is contained in this longer video at 22:18 mins (with luck the link should directly jump to that spot):


Faun use the same text with a somewhat tweaked melody under the title Vom Truge.  Although I don’t like this version quite as much, this title makes it easier to find the lyrics which are here.

A bruxa

November 18, 2017

here’s one I prepared earlier – I’m kind of attached to this tune as it was the first Galician tune I learned to play, just over 2 years ago, and this is an early attempt at recording it (unplanned, I just happened to have this venue to myself, my flute and camera with me, and the tune in my head). As I was playing it quite slowly, it might even be useful for people who want to learn it by ear? It does include a couple of slips and hesitations, but that’s why we do repeats, it is usually right the second time round …




Muiñeira de Chantada

September 29, 2017

Muiñeira de Chantada at the September session, with David Carril playing gaita. Watch out for the Muiñeira dancing at the end …

I discovered this through Nadia’s tutorial and suggested it for the session. Mano had a version in A, but we’re now playing it in C. Dots for this version are here. Alternatively, you can look it up in the folkoteca galega which will automatically create a score in whatever key you choose.

Muiñeira da Ponte San Paio

September 16, 2017

Muiñeira da Ponte San Paio – one of the tunes we always play. This tutorial is in the same key we play (D minor) and it includes slow demonstrations of the separate parts as well as a full speed performance. I’ve used it to play along to in trying to get my playing up to speed.