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Galician elements

March 14, 2019

The periodic table of the elements is 150 this year, and as of today, there is an official Galician name for each of the 118 elements currently known to science. So here’s the periodic table in Galician, enjoy:


A táboa periódica en galego. Fonte: CCG.

PS Note that the jpg image above doesn’t quite have the resolution needed for a fully readable printout. You can download a PDF that prints nicely on an A4 page here.



A pandeireteira’s day job

February 6, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered what the Oxford Pandeireteiras do when they’re not rattling tambourines, here’s one answer. Laura listed on Facebook the job title “Fisheries analyst at Satellite Applications Catapult” which I found intriguing so I asked her about it and the answers led to the feature that is out this week:

Eyes on our planet

Current Biology Volume 28, Issue 3, pR89–R92, 5 February 2018

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Laura Fontán Bouzas, whose work is the nucleus from which this feature grew …