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animal expressions

August 11, 2018

things are a bit quieter here in the summer months, but the Galician sessions are continuing on the last Wednesday of each month, so save the date of August 29 – official announcement to follow in a week or so.

Meanwhile, here are some goodies that have channeled through the facebook group in one form or another, liberated for the benefit of the lucky few who don’t have facebook:

An article about animal expressions in Galician – apparently a scientific study found 1300 of them, and there are of course lots of animal references in the songs we sing as well.

From the Festival Interceltique de Lorient the official confirmation that at next year’s event, taking place from August 2 to 11, 2019, Galicia will be the featured Celtic nation.  So we should really get our act together and send a delegation …

Plus, advance warning that I have added four pairs of cunchas to the big bag of percussions that I bring to the sessions. Which look like this:


more info about their use as percussions is here.

PS: In news from other minoritised Romance languages, there is a rare chance to watch a Catalan movie at the Ultimate Picture Palace from 25.8.




Día das letras Galegas

May 17, 2018

The annual day of Galician Literature is happening today. Read all about it in Wikipedia or check the twitter hashtag.   The Oxford Centre for Galician Studies ran a lovely little workshop, managing to coax the Centre’s founder, John Rutherford, out of his retirement to discuss a modern sonnet inspired by Petrarch (the second one on this page).

Also on twitter, there is a lovely hashtag: #euleoengalego, for which I took a selfie, below. And local celebrations continue tonight with the pandeireteiras …


UPDATE (24.5.): I’ve now finished this one, see my review here.



Aí vén o Maio

April 30, 2018

Tomorrow bright and early (6:30 am or so) the Oxford Pandeireteiras will be singing a traditional Galician May song, Aí vén o Maio, on the steps of the Clarendon Building in Broad Street, with the Whirly Band. Here’s one of my photos from last year’s event:



oh, and a few other people will be out and about as well, doing various folk-y things …


Whistle it

April 1, 2018

The Oxford Pandeireteiras trying their hands at tin whistles …



Compare and contrast

March 3, 2018

David Carril playing the gaita at our latest session, and with Luar na Lubre on stage at the Brixton Jamm, London.






In my slightly biased view, the Oxford session is more fun, of course, but the London stage has better lighting, so it may be more photogenic.

PS click through to flickr to see a few more pics of Luar na Lubre and one more of our session.


Xmas session

December 21, 2017

photo from yesterday’s lovely xmas session ! If you missed it, we still have the regular monthly session coming up next Wed …



December 10, 2017

book delivery arrived yesterday – have already finished the little book which is aimed at young readers and very easy. Might be suitable for the Galician Studies Centre to throw at their students. Now for the bigger one, a new historic novel about the time of the troubadours …


btw, it amuses me every time that Amazon Spain lists Galician books under “foreign languages”. Looks like they didn’t get the memo about Spain’s co-official languages …

Magosto photos

November 26, 2017

some photos from yesterday’s Magosto event at the Dew Drop Inn:




The Oxford Pandeireteiras and our tiny orchestra kept going till midnight, from which you may conclude that we had a great time, although I got the impression that about half the room ended up ignoring our antics during the last couple of hours.


O Maio

November 25, 2017

With only six months delay, I’ve uploaded some photos I took on May morning to my flickr photostream. With the Whirly Band and Oxford Pandeireteiras singing O maio, and some dancing: