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Maria’s memories

November 8, 2018

Maria (also known as Mandita, a nickname handed down in her family) has been part of the Oxford Pandeireteiras for many years. Here’s a recent interview for the website Project Neighbours by Zuzanna Fiminska in which she reveals the story of her life and her thoughts on how Galicia has changed since her childhood there:


O son de Galicia

June 6, 2018

There is a lovely project that just launched on Facebook, presenting the variety of people who contribute to the amazing global phenomenon that is Galician folk.

In a standardised format, everybody gets to share two photos and a statement saying what they do (living it, i.e. the sound of Galicia, is an option if what you do is too complicated to fit in the frame). Full participation details here.  The resulting displays are shared via the facebook page which is publicly visible – just click away the pop-up message that asks you to log in and then you can look at all the lovely people. There are names and links to recordings as well.

I’ve nicked a few, just for illustration purposes. I’ll leave out the names, so you can play a guessing game. One of them was interviewed in last Sunday’s Un Pais Mundial, one I’ve seen live on stage in London, one we’re hoping to see in Oxford later this year, and the other two I don’t know.


Oh, and I should mention that the genius behind the project is Benoit Kensier, a gaiteiro based in Brussels:

A pandeireteira’s day job

February 6, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered what the Oxford Pandeireteiras do when they’re not rattling tambourines, here’s one answer. Laura listed on Facebook the job title “Fisheries analyst at Satellite Applications Catapult” which I found intriguing so I asked her about it and the answers led to the feature that is out this week:

Eyes on our planet

Current Biology Volume 28, Issue 3, pR89–R92, 5 February 2018

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Laura Fontán Bouzas, whose work is the nucleus from which this feature grew …