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Two muiñeiras

September 27, 2018

Two muiñeiras from last night’s session, with some dancing:

(the video is unlisted, so can only be found via specific links, such as this one, not by searches or random visitors to YouTube)



Javier Otero Neira

May 19, 2018

Just discovered that the classical pianist Javier Otero Neira (from A Estrada, Pontevedra, if you must know) has recorded a whole album with adaptations of 14 Galician folk tunes, including five or so that we also play.

Here’s his take on our favourite muiñeira:


And here you can buy the whole set as MP3 album and/or listen to 30-second samples of each track:

Oh, and his biography is available in Galician – bonus points for that (but if you must read it in a less beautiful language, there are little flags to switch).





Dance like a Galician

April 29, 2018

Today’s podcast of Un Pais Mundial includes a section about Alba and her Galician dance class in London, starting at around 17:00 mins:

and also a shoutout for our Oxford session …



Galicia somos nós

April 14, 2018

lovely video combining hiphop choreography with the Muiñeira de Chantada, which is also part of our session repertoire (the version in the video is by Carlos Nuñez and the Chieftains). We’ll all dance it like that next time …

The lines recited at the beginning of the video are the tail end of the poem

Galicia, by Manuel Maria

Galicia é o que vemos:
a terra, o mar, o vento…
Pero hai outra Galicia
que vai no sentimento!

Galicia somos nós:
a xente e maila fala
Se buscas a Galicia
en ti tes que atopala!

BTW, Manuel Maria is also the author of the poem O carro, the song version of which is also in our session repertoire, although we haven’t sung it very often.

Tanxugueiras at Foliada en Carboeiro

January 30, 2018

To get into the mood for this week’s session (foliada), 24 hours away as I write this, have a look at these clips from the pandeireteiras group Tanxugeiras, extracted from the very lovely Alala special “Foliada en Carboeiro” which was broadcast in December.






both were released today, actually – I discovered them by sheer good luck as I was looking for something else and noticed the suspiciously large number next to the icon of the Alala channel. They released a whole bunch of clips from the show today.


Muiñeira at London

November 9, 2017

a glimpse of muiñeira dancing from very lovely session we had at London yesterday:




there were plenty of dancers, singers, and tambourine players in attendance, we were just a little bit short of instruments other than gaitas …



Muiñeira de Chantada

September 29, 2017

Muiñeira de Chantada at the September session, with David Carril playing gaita. Watch out for the Muiñeira dancing at the end …

I discovered this through Nadia’s tutorial and suggested it for the session. Mano had a version in A, but we’re now playing it in C. Dots for this version are here. Alternatively, you can look it up in the folkoteca galega which will automatically create a score in whatever key you choose.

Muiñeira da Ponte San Paio

September 16, 2017

Muiñeira da Ponte San Paio – one of the tunes we always play. This tutorial is in the same key we play (D minor) and it includes slow demonstrations of the separate parts as well as a full speed performance. I’ve used it to play along to in trying to get my playing up to speed.


muiñeira de freixido

September 14, 2017

The muiñeira de freixido is one of the tunes we play regularly at the Galician session, here is a version from Trio Espiral from Portugal, which is quite similar to ours: