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Two muiñeiras

September 27, 2018

Two muiñeiras from last night’s session, with some dancing:

(the video is unlisted, so can only be found via specific links, such as this one, not by searches or random visitors to YouTube)



Dance like a Galician

April 29, 2018

Today’s podcast of Un Pais Mundial includes a section about Alba and her Galician dance class in London, starting at around 17:00 mins:

and also a shoutout for our Oxford session …



Galicia somos nós

April 14, 2018

lovely video combining hiphop choreography with the Muiñeira de Chantada, which is also part of our session repertoire (the version in the video is by Carlos Nuñez and the Chieftains). We’ll all dance it like that next time …

The lines recited at the beginning of the video are the tail end of the poem

Galicia, by Manuel Maria

Galicia é o que vemos:
a terra, o mar, o vento…
Pero hai outra Galicia
que vai no sentimento!

Galicia somos nós:
a xente e maila fala
Se buscas a Galicia
en ti tes que atopala!

BTW, Manuel Maria is also the author of the poem O carro, the song version of which is also in our session repertoire, although we haven’t sung it very often.

4th Galician Session London

April 6, 2018

a one-minute impression from the 4th London session which happened on March 21:



PS the tune is A camposa, I think ?



Flashback 1 of 4

December 28, 2017

As promised, here comes the first of four videos of Carlos Núñez at the special session we had with him in May. Here he’s not playing yet, but you can see him dancing towards the end of the clip …


How to dance the Verde-Gaio

December 20, 2017

Trying to figure out what the song O verde gaio is about (lyrics here) I didn’t have much luck until I put the Galician dictionary away and picked up a Portuguese one. So, it turns out that across the border, in Northern Portugal, the Verde-Gaio is a folk dance. Suddenly, the lines about falling and breaking bones in the second half of the first verse fall into place, as it were.

As far as I understood the instructions in the Portuguese edition of Wikipedia (there is no entry in the otherwise excellent Galician Wikipedia):  2 concentric circles, girls in the inner circle, boys in the outer, circles rotate, but couples also move inwards / outwards.

That’s still a bit vague, so here are some videos to illustrate various forms – both videos use our tune, although it is also danced to other tunes:






O merlo

December 13, 2017

David Carril and his lovely dancers have recorded a couple of videos, here’s the first:



We’re hoping to see them in Oxford soon, watch this space !

PS  Dots for the tune are in the Folkoteca Galega under the title “Foliada“. On that page you can transpose it to any key at the touch of a button. I have created a PDF of the version in D and will add it to the repertoire. There are also words for it (eg here, but a bit different from what we’re singing), so we might sing it at one of the next sessions.