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Javier Otero Neira

May 19, 2018

Just discovered that the classical pianist Javier Otero Neira (from A Estrada, Pontevedra, if you must know) has recorded a whole album with adaptations of 14 Galician folk tunes, including five or so that we also play.

Here’s his take on our favourite muiñeira:


And here you can buy the whole set as MP3 album and/or listen to 30-second samples of each track:

Oh, and his biography is available in Galician – bonus points for that (but if you must read it in a less beautiful language, there are little flags to switch).






Pasodoble de Beo

December 23, 2017

I like this song but I’m not generally keen on male voices, so I could imagine that in an Oxford Pandeireteiras  version – what do you think ?



November 9, 2017

A very lovely version of camariñas on the BBC2 Folk Show, sung in Galician and Scottish Gaelic, starts around 45:40:

Ai, Dolores

September 21, 2017

Here’s a song you may hear at Galician sessions, performed by Mano’s band Xogara:


muiñeira de freixido

September 14, 2017

The muiñeira de freixido is one of the tunes we play regularly at the Galician session, here is a version from Trio Espiral from Portugal, which is quite similar to ours: