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No Galician session but two Euro sessions

April 17, 2019

It turns out the Port Mahon will be CLOSED for refurbishment on the last Wednesday of this month (24.4.). Unfortunately, this caught me on the wrong foot as I am travelling in the time just before the session, so I won’t be able to organise an alternative venue. Thus I’ll have to cancel this month’s session (first time in my tenure!).

On the plus side, however, on the weekend following our usual date, namely the Fri Sunday 28.4., there will be two Euro sessions and dance at Oxford Folk Fringe weekend. Galician tunes are likely to be played at both, and I guess the Oxford Pandeireteiras will coordinate to put in an appearance at one of them (at least). Watch this space.

Stay tuned for announcements re the May session, as we may have to find an alternative venue for that if the Port Mahon doesn’t re-open in time. The French and Scandi session for May will be at the Victoria Arms in Old Marston on the usual days (second and third Monday of the month, respectively).

Here’s the schedule for the Folk Fringe events if you haven’t seen it yet (plus there’s also a Clandestine Mazurka event Sunday at 2 which isn’t listed):