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Xabier Díaz & Adufeiras de Salitre

January 28, 2019

A reminder that Xabier Díaz & Adufeiras de Salitre are playing the Rich Mix at London this coming Wednesday 30th. (Because of that gig, we held our session a week earlier, so no session this Wednesday!) Xabier Díaz will also be hosting a tambourine workshop at the Centro Galego on Tuesday evening.


I’ve shared one of their videos before (Agarrado de Vilar de Cabeiras), as we’re also singing that song, so here’s a different one, of a song we’re not singing (yet):

January session – earlier date

January 11, 2019

As the usual last Wednesday of the month will see Galician artist Xabier Diaz & Adufeiras de Salitre performing at the Rich Mix in London, the Galician session will exceptionally be a week earlier, i.e. on Wednesday 23rd, from 20:30 to 23:00.

Like the December session, it will also be in our new home, namely the

Port Mahon, 82 St. Clement’s St., Oxford OX4 1AW



That’s on the corner of Jeune St, which is the street that has the Ultimate Picture Palace at the other end. Buses and coaches including X90 / Oxford Tube from London and Park and Ride services stop just a few metres further down the road, the stop is called St. Clement’s. Parking is available alongside the road, as well as at the St. Clement’s car park on the other side of the road. Failing that, the Tesco car park, which many people used to use for the JST, is still within walking distance.

Sessions will usually be in the downstairs bar, which is the little extension you see on the right hand side. It has a direct door at street level on the Jeune Street side, so you don’t have to haul your instruments upstairs to the front door and back down to the bar. There is a lovely square room at the far end that will easily accommodate 15 musicians in a circle around the sides, leaving room in the middle for dancers. There is additional room alongside the bar with a few tables where people can sit and listen.

Otherwise, the usual Ts and Cs apply:

This month, in the nineteenth session in the new sequence, we’ll again play lots of lovely tunes from our vast collection of Galician traditionals. The Oxford Pandeireteiras will play their tambourines and sing some of the songs they practise in their weekly meetings (you can also join a new monthly singing class with them!). Sheet music will be provided for anybody who brings an instrument and wants to join in (I also have a PDF file with 19 of our favourite tunes which I can email on request). There will be space for dancing. A box of miscellaneous percussion instruments (plus cunchas!) is also on hand if you would like to rattle along with the rhythms.

Note that the pub has a 11:00 curfew for musical activities (NB that’s half an hour earlier than at the JST!), so the  session will close before that time with the traditional anthem of “Fisterra”. If you don’t have to leave earlier, it would be nice if you could stay for that. The curfew also means that if we start late, we’ll just have less time to play music.

For further info about the sessions and sharing audio and video recordings of the tunes we play, subscribe to this blog or join the Facebook group. There is also a mailing list for email reminders sent a week before the sessions.

I’ve updated the flyer, please use it to spread the word:


Session news

January 7, 2019

We now have green light for the Galician and other ex-JST sessions to go ahead at the Port Mahon this year.

First up is the harp session tomorrow, Tuesday 8.1., 8pm. (exceptionally the second Tuesday this month, from Feb onwards it will be on the first Tuesday of each month). Other instruments welcome.

Then it will be  French/Breton on the 14th and Scandi on the 21st.  Date for the Galician to be confirmed.

Elsewhere, the Slow Session (at the Jericho Tavern) celebrated its 5th anniversary on Sunday with a record attendance of at least 30. Here’s a special video I made on the occasion, going round in circles to capture all participants (minus myself):