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Por que non hei de cantare

November 30, 2017

A somewhat experimental version of this song was heard quite late last night near the tail end of the November session. David didn’t want me to share the video I recorded, so I found a very similar version on youtube. Practically identical to our version, except that we don’t have a txalaparta (yet).





November 27, 2017


If someone’s looking for me, that puddle on the floor is all that’s left of me … We had an unrehearsed go at this song on Saturday, but maybe we should work on it a bit and try again at the session some time ?



Lyrics and explanations are here:

I have the dots – Mano must have played it in the session at some point, although I don’t remember having heard it sung.

Magosto photos

November 26, 2017

some photos from yesterday’s Magosto event at the Dew Drop Inn:




The Oxford Pandeireteiras and our tiny orchestra kept going till midnight, from which you may conclude that we had a great time, although I got the impression that about half the room ended up ignoring our antics during the last couple of hours.


O Maio

November 25, 2017

With only six months delay, I’ve uploaded some photos I took on May morning to my flickr photostream. With the Whirly Band and Oxford Pandeireteiras singing O maio, and some dancing:





November session

November 21, 2017

Galician Session Oxford – new series, no. 5

Wednesday 29.11.2017, 8:30pm-11:30pm

James Street Tavern, 47 James Street, Oxford OX4 1EU


For the fifth session in the new sequence we will (again) have a few new tunes to mix in between the old favourites, and David Carril from London will play the gaita. There will also be singing and percussions from the Oxford Pandeireteiras, and there may even be a bit of floor space available for dancing (after seeing David’s dancers at the London session, it is clear we must have a bit more of that!). Sheet music will be provided for anybody who brings an instrument and wants to join in. A bag of miscellaneous percussion instruments is also available if you would like to rattle along with the rhythms.
For further info about the sessions and sharing audio and video recordings of the tunes we play, I have also set up a Facebook group. There is also a mailing list for email reminders sent a week before the sessions, and a WordPresss blog with the same posts as in the group.


(The picture is from the Cantigas de Santa Maria, via wikipedia:ía )

Galician Film Series

November 20, 2017

First screening of the Galician Film Series in Oxford, organised by the Galician Studies Centres Oxford jointly with the Galician Film Forum (GFF) London. Animation film: O Apóstolo (‘The Apostle’), from Fernando Cortizo, on the 1st December at 6pm, Shulman Auditorium, Queen’s College, Oxford. All welcome! Free Registration at Eventbrite:

[GAL] Primeira proxección do Ciclo de Cinema Galego en Oxford, xunto co GFF-Galician Film Forum de Londres: O Apóstolo, de Fernando Cortizo. Venres 1 de decembro ás 18 h. no Shulman Auditorium do Queen’s College. Entradas de balde no Eventbrite.



Pasodobre de Sísamo – score

November 19, 2017

I have started writing out a score for the pasodobre in noteflight, so with luck I can embed it here:


Embedding doesn’t seem to work, so let’s just use this link.

A bruxa

November 18, 2017

here’s one I prepared earlier – I’m kind of attached to this tune as it was the first Galician tune I learned to play, just over 2 years ago, and this is an early attempt at recording it (unplanned, I just happened to have this venue to myself, my flute and camera with me, and the tune in my head). As I was playing it quite slowly, it might even be useful for people who want to learn it by ear? It does include a couple of slips and hesitations, but that’s why we do repeats, it is usually right the second time round …




Pasodobre de Sísamo

November 17, 2017

we had great fun practicing this song yesterday – here are some ideas re. how to make it polyphonic:



compare and contrast with the Bollywood version which strangely has a lot more views on youtube:



videos of the London session

November 12, 2017

a few clips people shared on facebook:



… and finally:

this recording of the galicified version of Despacito cannot be embedded, unfortunately, so you can only watch it in facebook.